The way we look for information has changed

How customers find businesses and services has changed

In 1991 the world began to shrink. It was slow at first but then quickly picked up momentum, I’m referring of course to the birth of the World Wide Web. It was that year when the worlds first website went online, a simple page with a few instructions about how to use the internet and it can still be seen here. The team who worked on that project in CERN, Switzerland certainly had no idea how it would radically transform our way of life today.

With an estimated 3 billion people around the world now having access to the internet and 1.5 billion of those now owning a smartphone, we really need to re-think the way we do business.

In the good old days, if you needed a service you would pick up a trusty Golden Pages (Yellow Pages for those of you outside Ireland), flick through the alphabet to the desired services, glide your finger down the wafer-thin paper, until you found what you were looking for, or a note directing you to another section, repeating the process all over again. You could then commence the “phone-around”, that’s just the way it was and it worked.

The last twenty years or so have seen a huge shift in the way we look for information. Need a hairdresser? Google it! How to put up shelves? Google it! The information is displayed in an instant as if by magic! This is no accident, Google really does a great job at providing information that is relevant to your search.

Now, lets reverse that, imagine people are looking for your business. With the Golden Pages, a few thousand people in your region had access to your phone number and the category of your business.  Now with the internet everyone in your region, plus three billion people around the world can not only access your contact details but also any other information you want to supply them with, the possibilities are really endless!

The internet is now an essential tool for your business and if you don’t use it, someone offering the same products or services will.  Your competitors will be found by your customer while you are left twiddling your thumbs waiting for someone to walk through the door, so take action before it’s too late!

I started Strike Web Design because I want to help people get online, and I know from experience that not everyone has the knowledge or confidence to do it themselves. So if you do need some help, don’t be shy and get in touch, I will be happy to guide you.

Ashley Bell,

Strike Web Design

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