Logo Design Terms of Service

Terms of Reference

Throughout these Terms of Service, we will refer to the commissioning client as “the client”, “their” and “they”. Strike Web Design (including third party providers) will be referred to as “we”, “us” and “our”.

Beginning Work

Work will begin once the client agrees to these Terms of Service and provides payment of the deposit detailed in the Payments section of these Terms of Service.


Work will be carried out by a third party graphic designer. We will make every effort to deliver your design in a timely manner but cannot be held accountable for delays due to sickness or unforeseen circumstances relating to the availability of the designer. If there is a reason to believe that the designer will be unable to complete the work, we will discuss a replacement designer or termination of the work with the client.


Once work has begun the client will be provided with six draft designs and will be required to provide feedback. Based on this, further refined designs of four or less will be provided and additional feedback will be required. The design will then be refined to a single final draft and further feedback will be required. Once happy with the design, the client will provide payment of any outstanding fees and once received, the final art work will be sent to the client.

Delivery of Final Artwork

The final artwork will be delivered either by email or some form of file sharing platforms such as Drop Box or Google Drive. In the case of a file sharing platform, the client will have five days to download the artwork before it is removed from the server.


The client has the right to three major amendments of the design. This is defined as a major change to the design or significant step back, which will be based on our best judgment. If we deiced that the client is requesting a major amendment we will make the client aware before the amendment is made. If the client is requesting further major amendments exceeding the above-permitted number we reserve the right to re-quote for the work.

A major amendment is not the gradual refinement of the design which moves it forward to completion.

Major amendments do not cover change to the original scope as discussed before the work began. If the client requests a change to the original scope we reserve the right to provide a new quote.


The client will be provided with a quote for the design based on the scope criteria they describe before work begins.

The following payments apply:

  • A 50% non-refundable deposit is required to begin the work
  • Remainder of outstanding fees will be required to release the final art work
  • Additional payments may apply if agreed with the client. This may include additions to the scope or major amendments exceeding the permitted number


In the unlikely event that the client wishes to terminate the work before it is completed, they will not be entitled to a refund of the initial deposit.

In the unlikely event that we are required to terminate the work before it is completed the client will not be entitled to a refund of the initial deposit.

If the work cannot be completed by the designer for any reason that does not contradict the terms already described, the client will be offered a replacement designer or termination of the work and refund of their deposit.