Strike Web Design at your service!

If you are starting a new business, then you’ll need to get online as quickly as possible so you can raise awareness of your product or service. We are here to help you do that and we specialise in helping new businesses.

New Business Websites

We understand that time is money and that’s why we will aim to get your website up and running as quickly as possible. That includes registering your web address, purchasing your online hosting and installing your website software. You’ll be ready to get your message out there in the shortest time possible!

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Logo design

Your business needs a professional logo to help distinguish you from your competitors and to build trust with your customers. It’s also a vital component in your website’s colour scheme. We work with talented and experienced graphic designers to ensure the best results. Get in contact today and we can discuss your requirements.

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Website Lessons

We’ve come across many instances where people have a website already but were not provided with documentation on how to maintain it. In this case, we can provide you lessons on how to use and maintain your website, even if we didn’t build it for you.

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Project Management

Generally speaking, most new businesses are only going to need a simple cost-effective solution to get them up and running. However, there are always going to be business owners who need something a little more bespoke to get their message out there. In this case, we provide project management services to coordinate these larger and more complicated projects.

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